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“Hello” in Spain: courtesy and manners

décembre 20, 2012 par


Greetings have a symbolic meaning because they can be interpreted in various ways depending on the way you express them. They can denote intimacy or proximity, differentiate between a strictly professional and a close relationship or simply be a token of politeness and good manners. The absence of greetings can signify anger or irritation between […]

The French bise

décembre 18, 2012 par


« When in Rome, do as the Romans do. » We have heard this motto so often that we do not pay attention to what it means anymore. However, in this age of globalization, it’s as true as ever. Chatting with people from other countries thanks to Internet is one thing; living overseas requires tact and cultural insight. […]

Long live Easter.. and its numerous traditions!

avril 9, 2012 par


Easter is a Christian holiday during which we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is common to many countries all around the world but, depending on the country you live in, it is celebrated in various and diverse ways. It stands to reason that, among these numerous traditions, the one of Easter eggs (in […]

Let’s discover Turkey!

mars 22, 2012 par


With this article, we inaugurate a new category of our blog! Indeed, with the return of the sun, we have decided to make you travel by presenting you each month a country we have visited and that we want to make you discover! Let’s start with a trip to Turkey! Located between Asia and Europe, Turkey […]

International Women’s Day

mars 8, 2012 par


Ladies, today, March 8, is our day! As every year, we celebrate Women’s Day! In order to fittingly celebrate this day blessed by the Gods, here is a short article about International Women’s Day, its origins, its social values as well as the various ways in which it is celebrated all around the world. History […]

Happy new year!

janvier 9, 2012 par


It is these traditions that you cannot avoid or ignore…The transition to the New Year, whether you are rebellious or conservative, is one of those precious moments in the lives of most individuals. Just like Christmas, celebrated throughout the Christian world, New year’s eve gives rise to festivities as varied as surprising. Let’s take a […]


décembre 20, 2011 par


Since the beginning of this blog, we keep talking about ISIT and you probably wonder what is hidden behind this acronym. For this reason, we decided to dedicate this new article to a short presentation of our school! ISIT, formerly the higher education Institute of Translation and Interpreting, became in 2008 the Institute of intercultural […]